“creating an innovative workspace that connects us with our diverse client base with all possible luxury” AB Architects. AB Architects has their mobile workspace cabin in a central location between three Lebanese districts. The new office was situated to be within reach and close contact with their diverse client base of varying backgrounds and localities. It’s modern design and urban looks make it a unique structure in an otherwise remote area in the Lebanese mountains. The 22 m2 cabin by AB architects is located in a fairly rural setting on the main highway and the architecture stands as an urban form in contrast to its surroundings. On the main level, the interior includes a metallic office desk, a high-end seating area, a small kitchen, and a toilet. The rooftop also functions as a terrace, enabling a panoramic view of astonishing nature. •“AB Workspace” published by www.designboom.com • “AB Workspace” published by www.archilovers.com • “AB Workspace” published by www.archinect.com • “AB Workspace” published by www.allusanewshub.com • “AB Workspace” published by www.worldpronews.com • “AB Workspace” published by www.archello.com • “AB Workspace” featured on www.ello.co

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